Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chihuahuas with Flipcams

The Republican employment program known as Chihuahuas with Flipcams has reached pestilential levels. Candidate Mark Dayton complained about it. Here’s just a little bit of what he said:

"When you interfere with the ability of Minnesotans to walk up to another candidate and have a civil conversation, you have gone too far," Dayton wrote in a letter to state GOP chairman Tony Sutton. "It is intentional harassment, disruption of our campaign activity and intimidation of Minnesota voters." [italics are mine]

According to the Strib article, it was trackers at the recent Game Fair that prompted Dayton’s complaint.

As Dayton points out, and as at least one commenter in the Strib comments affirms, it’s the voter intimidation that’s the real problem. Many people simply don’t want to be captured on video and have it appear on the web. It is harassment to keep these people from talking to a candidate.

When he came to DL, Mark Dayton introduced the Republican tracker by name from the stage. The recording of remarks is not the problem here; it’s the intimidation of ordinary citizens.

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Phoenix Woman said...

And of course "independent" Brodkorb left all of that out when discussing this -- just like he left out who was giving him his paychecks back in 2006: http://moderateleft.com/?p=2708