Sunday, May 14, 2006

And the Spotty goes to

Donald Strei for this letter in the Sunday Star Tribune. A Spotty is awarded to someone who pens a letter to the editor, an opinion piece, a blog entry, or a comment to a blog entry that Spot wishes he had written. Strei’s letter is especially noteworthy in that it both criticizes a column of Katie’s and comments on the butchery of war.
A visitor's gratitude

Having visited the Body Worlds exhibit, I found that Katherine Kersten (May 11) and Linda Schulte-Sasse (May 12) missed some significant aspects of that unusual display. One is that the visiting crowd was hushed and respectful, a mood enhanced by the tasteful music in the multiple rooms. No giggles, no laughter was heard.

Another is that this display shows the incredible intricacies of bodies, helping one understand how fragile is existence, and how awesome are the tasks facing physicians who are expected to repair and heal most everyone's injuries and diseases.

One comes out of that exhibit with fresh gratitude to all the nurses, EMTs, doctors, police, firefighters, pharmacists and everyone whose career deals with these gruesome aspects of life. And it fills one with rage at those who dare to choose war and killing, to settle issues or to show control over others.


Spot has not seen Body Worlds. He doesn’t think he could get in, unless he tried to impersonate somebody’s helper dog. Even then, he is afraid he would be spotted. So to speak.

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