Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sticks is right!

Alternate title: A vain show, part deux.

Captain Fishsticks criticizes Smartie at The Power Liberal for making an Iraq – Vietnam comparison. Sticks is right; there is no comparison. Iraq is headed south much too fast to be the quagmire of Vietnam. No, the Iraq war really resembles – rather is – the greatest strategic disaster in US history. So says (Ret.) Lt. General William Odom, Director of the NSA during Reagan’s second term.

Some of Sticks’ breezy advice:

Your [Smartie’s] argument should be that Bush is mishandling the war and offer up a candidate that has a victory strategy. At this point, I don’t see that from the Dems. All I see is self-congratulatory stuff like your post, which is gleeful about bashing Bush but hesitant to offer alternatives or accept any part of the blame for rush to judgment.

The violence and sectarian strife in Iraq are getting worse as US occupation continues, not better. It is apparent that we can’t make it better; there is no victory. We screwed the pooch (an especially inapt metaphor for Spot to use, he knows) on this one long ago. There is no redemption through suffering to be had, just more suffering. To think we can “win” is just a vain show. Our children and their children will live with the obloquy of our hubris.

From the neo-cons to the Democratic enablers, there is plenty of blame to go around. But Sticks, store “victory” in the same place you keep your sugar-plum fairies.

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