Sunday, May 21, 2006

Geoff Michel commemorative here!

Here's Goldy's new outfit thanks to Senator Geoff Michel and TCF's William Cooper. It's a beauty, ain't it? Maybe T - C - F can now substitute in the song for ski - u - mah! Whaddya bet we see maroon and gold jerseys emblazoned with TCF before long?

The cross-licensing potential of this deal is mind boggling! TCF can become the official credit card pusher to strapped college students! Goldy can make appearances at TCF corporate events - maybe even Republican conventions! That would be swell. TCF can offer the Gopher Account for high-net-worth individuals that would include a little embossed Goldy on credit cards, and on keychains and BIC pens and other promotional merchandise.

This deal is especially noteworthy because now we'll memorialize a business organization headed by man who was instrumental in helping turn the Minnesota Republican party into the ruthless, ideological brigands they are today. And the University of Minnesota has been made the worse for it.

When all is said and done, this won't be so much a new logo on Goldy's jersey as a blot on his escutcheon.

Parody art by Ken Avidor.

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