Sunday, May 07, 2006

Poor Katie!

Pity Katie - the Strib's own Katherine Kersten. First, on Thursday, when Katie was distracted by her homies who are on a shopping spree for public money to build malls and ballparks, Mona Charen gets a column on the movie "United 93." Not only that, it was a column that Katie would have loved to have written: full of righteousness and calls to solidarity in the face of our "enemy."

And now today, on Sunday, Debra J. Saunders gets into the "United 93" act. Lil' Debbie's column is not quite as bloodthirsty as Mona's - she doesn't recommend sacrificing children on the altar of hate the way Mona does - but still.

Poor Katie is left to write the wrap-up of this harpie trilogy. There are hardly any good empty cliches or wooden metaphors left!

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