Sunday, May 14, 2006

A work in progress

Dedicated, of course, to Captain Fishsticks and all the other acolytes of the Scot Presbyterian Calvinist Adam Smith.

Immortal, Invisible Hand only wise,
Be careful, however, it’ll poke out your eyes.
Its origin Scottish, a myth from the moors,
It mostly appeals to the pikers and the boors.

Unthinking, uncaring, and cold as a fish,
Nor gen’rous, nor sharing, a total
Its logic, all simple, its surface appeal,
Will make some scrubs think that it’s the real deal.

All laud they would render; O dear sweaty Hand,
E'en as You turn earth into No Man’s Land.
The Hand gives a
dope slap as it bids us goodbye,
Then gives us the Finger, and a poke in the eye.

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