Thursday, May 04, 2006

Worse than cockroaches

Mona Charen, Katie’s doppelgänger, writes in the Star Tribune today that we should all be sure to take the kiddies to see United 93. Spot has already written about the movie’s role in picking the scabs of 9/11. And Mona tells us not to miss it. Here’s how she wraps up the column:
I took my 12- and 10-year-old boys [the movie is rated "R"] to see "United 93." There is obviously some violence, but it is far from the kind that is offered for voyeuristic thrills in many Hollywood productions. Take your kids. They need to see the face of the enemy.

Yes, Mona, it is so very important to bring up children with a proper fear and loathing of certain ethnic and religious groups. We can’t sustain a proper prejudice and the warron terra without it.

Parents who teach their kids to fear and hate are worse than cockroaches.

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