Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial Day

Hello, boys and girls. Spot sees that it is Friday and that he slept through a whole day, blog-wise. And we haven’t even gotten to the dog days of summer yet! It probably won’t get any better over the Memorial Day weekend. When Spot was a pup, we called it Decoration Day. It was marked in Spot’s little town with a military ceremony at each of the town’s three cemeteries: Catholic, Lutheran, and “general.” We all got to swim in the same pool, however.

Kidding aside, take a moment this weekend to consider all of the armed conflicts in which Americans have participated, some noble, some less so. But in every case, Americans of all colors, religions, ethnic backgrounds, and yes, sexual orientation, have served, and countless thousands of them died doing it. Mourn them; be grateful for them. More of anybody you couldn’t ask.

Spotty has noticed that he has become awfully self-referential lately, but he can’t help linking to his post of Eric Bogle’s The Green Fields of France.

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