Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We have become

A nation of men, not laws. A nation where we are supposed to pledge fealty to the sovereign and its symbol, the flag. George Bush proclaims May 1st as Loyalty Day, an “American Love it or Leave It” day, when sugary patriotism is supposed to blot out the bitter taste of democracy in decline.

And democracy is in decline. It is reported that George Bush has issued hundreds of “signing statements” when signing legislation into law. This from an article by John Dean (yes, that John Dean) on Bush and signing statements:
As [author] Phillip Cooper observes, the President's signing statements are, in some instances, effectively rewriting the laws by reinterpreting how the law will be implemented. Notably, Cooper finds some of Bush's signing statements - and he has the benefit of judging them against his extensive knowledge of other President's signing statements -- "excessive, unhelpful, and needlessly confrontational."

In one recent case, the president issued a signing statement saying he
wasn’t bound by the Congrssional oversight rules in the reauthorized Patriot Act. Not bound. Can you believe that, boys and girls?

Spot and MNObserver were discussing Loyalty Day and the now buried Law Day at Drinking Liberally tonight. Law Day is promoted by that bunch of anarchists over at the American Bar Association. MNObserver has a post comparing Loyalty Day and Law Day that you really should read.

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