Monday, May 08, 2006

Papal school plug

You know, Spot was thinking just the other day that it has been a while since Katie delivered a paean to the Papal schools. Spotty is sure that Katie has been distracted, what with taking in two or three showings of United 93 every day. But like the geyser, Katie spouts off today about the superiority of Catholic schools, even if she is a little late. (No, Katie is not pregnant, to the best of Spot’s knowledge, anyway.)

In a nutshell – God, that was the Freudian – Katie invites us to conclude that since students at a Catholic school in the Twin Cities can draw a world map, and since a recent National Geographic survey showed that nationally students weren’t very good at geography, that Catholic schools are clearly superior. You can real the whole column, but trust Spot, that was the Point of it. Caught in Katie’s logical vise; woe is us!

Of course, there is a huge difference between an anecdote and something that is statistically significant. Spotty hopes that public policy is made on the latter, not the former. For you fans of statistics, here’s a recent study that reports that Christian schools compare unfavorably to public schools. From the Department of Education, no less.

If you think your pup will do better with a big dose of bug-eyed control freakism, be Spot’s guest, but don’t expect Spot to help you pay for it.

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