Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Books for Dave, part deux

Sorry for ignoring you, boys and girls. Spotty has been busy observing Memorial Day. More on that later.

Spot has gotten some inquiries about the "Books for Dave" book drive. Let's see if ol' Spot can answer them:

I have some books, but I can't get to Drinking Liberally on Thursday. Can I still contribute?

Yes, of course you can, grasshopper. You could contact Spot, and maybe Spotty's alter ego (who has a driver's license; Spot does not) can figure out a way to pick them up. Even better, for Spot, anyway, you could ship them directly to Dave at his APO address, which is what Spotty is going to do. Books can be sent "media rate" or what we used to call "book rate," which is pretty cheap. Here's the APO:

SGT Dave Thul
Weapons Company 1-133

That doesn't look like much of an address, but the Army is supposed to be able to track Dave wherever he is. That's actually kind of comforting.

But Spotty, aren't there like, censors, and stuff?

Well, yes, grasshopper. Here is what Spot suggests. Put a note in your package that says in effect, dear censor, if you fail to see that these books are delivered to Sergeant Thul and his men forthwith, you are a scrub, a cretin, and no friend of the Constitution.

If you send books directly, and Spot encourages you to do that, please send Spot an email with what you sent. Spotty can forward that to Dave, who can take inventory, so to speak. And let Spot know if he can list you as a contributor in a blog post.

By the way, Dave will serve as a heavily-armed cameo librarian to be sure everthing that is sent is distrubted no only to his guys but other units, too.

Thanks for your support.

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