Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Great Pretender re-revealed

The Great Pretender reveals himself yet again! Senator Geoff Michel (R-41) has been talking all session (and last, too) about his bi-partisan efforts to get the Gophers a new on-campus football stadium. A bill passed the Minnesota Senate today to do just that. Michel voted lock-step with the rest of the Republicans in the body and voted NO. What you say? Why?

You see, the bill provided for financing different than Michel’s bill, which would have sold part of the University’s soul to TCF, the savings and loan reborn as a real bank. Here’s MPR’s description:
The Senate's bill would have the state pay nearly $13 million a year. That would come from a 13 percent sports memorabilia tax, which will be passed in a separate bill. It also requires that the stadium have the name Veteran's Memorial Stadium instead of a corporate moniker. Student fees couldn't be used toward construction. The House version would have the state chip in up to $9.4 million a year. It didn't specify where that money would come from. In addition, the state would gain access to 2,840 acres of university-owned property in Dakota County that is considered an environmental gem.

So, you have to ask yourselves, boys and girls, does Michel want the Gophers to play on-campus, or does he really only want TCF to get the glory?

Bi-partisan, indeed.

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