Friday, May 26, 2006

Christian rabbits

One of the things that Katie likes to do is pull Christian rabbits out of secular hats. That is, to pull us in with facts that seem oh so ordinary, and then gasp (a word that Katie especially likes, a lot of the people in Katie’s columns gasp, but perhaps it’s just indigestion), abra cadabra, Christianity pops out! A miracle! The latest example of this was yesterday’s column, entitled In drive time, the number 2 station has higher aim.

The column was about the “[Christian] powerhouse KTIS.” Katie likes her Christianity muscular. None of this turn-the-other-cheek namby, pamby Christianity for her! After describing a non-profit station with “state of the art” broadcasting facilities and a good drive-time audience, Katie tantalizes the reader: is it MPR? Why no, it’s KTIS! Well beat Spot with a stick!

And they do it without a nickel from the gummit! Well if it does, Katie, it’s about the only Christian organization that hasn’t figured out how to get on the public dole. These people have no imagination.

Katie tells us that KTIS is, in fact, Radio Free Northwestern College. Northwestern College is the institution of higher learning that recently refused to let a gay rights student group set foot on campus. (Can’t find a link at the moment, but it’s true.)

Is it just Spot, or does Katie seem to promote only certain intolerant brands of Christianity?

Update: Well, it may be North Central Bible College, not Northwestern College, that stiffed the gay group.

Further update: Northwestern College is apparently the one with the association with that famous freethinker, Billy Graham.

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