Friday, May 26, 2006

Books for Dave et al.

Spot has cleared it with the Power that be, to-wit REW at the Power Liberal. At Drinking Liberally next Thursday night, June 1st, we’re going to have a progressive/liberal book drive for Dave Thul and his unit of the Minnesota Guard currently luxuriating in tents somewhere in Iraq. Frequent readers know that Dave is one of Spot’s more persistent critics, and Dave has managed to work that activity into his day at least a couple of times while on tour. Spot is truly humbled.

Anyway, several days ago, Dave sent a message to Power Line asking if the boys had any conservative books lying around that could be spared to give the unit some reading material. The request made it into a Power Line post, and apparently Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity, et al., have been coming in over the transom. Spot and CP were thinking about mounting a literary counter offensive, but before we even got to the LD, Dave emailed Spot to ask if Spotty and his friends could provide a little balance. And Spot said sure. Hence the book drive/collection at DL next week.

So, here’s the deal. Come to DL with a book or two. They certainly ought to be liberal in outlook, but no ponderous polemics, please. (Although Spot is not a censor; we’ll send whatever you bring.) Swiftee says he is going to lay in a supply of Franken for us. Maybe readers could bring one, just in case Swiftee doesn’t. Molly Ivins is good. So is Kevin Phillips. Spot thinks he might throw in a couple of novels about the Middle East: The Mulberry Empire and The Kite Runner.

If you could spare a buck or two to help defray the cost of shipping, that would be great.

Thanks. See ya Thursday. DL is 6:00 to 9:00 PM, at the 331 Club, 331 Northeast 13th Avenue, Minneapolis. This is the corner of 13th Ave. N. and University Ave. Can't miss it.

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