Saturday, March 03, 2012

Close, but no cigar, Mary

Jennifer Brooks reports at the Strib that Rep. Mary Franson made a statement about her funny little clip:
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It didn’t take long for the blogosphere to take notice [of the video that went last Friday afternoon]. By 10 p.m. Friday, Franson tweeted an apology: “For those offended at the video, I deeply apologize. I have asked for the video to be taken down ...”
I am sorry if you're too sensitive to take a joke is a paraphrase of what Franson really said. That's why I called it a statement and not an apology. For future reference, Mary, here's what a genuine apology would have looked like:
I am sorry for my thoughtless and insensitive remarks.
Fewer words, too! More room for hashtags!

Republicans are really good at the conditional apology that contains no confession or admission of fault. If you don't acknowledge the transgression, it isn't an apology. Just using the magic word is meaningless.

What other example, boys and girls, of the conditional non-apology did we hear about just today?

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