Friday, March 16, 2012

Julie and Lester's big day!

Aaron Klemz photo
From Aaron's post a couple of days ago:
One key deadline looms. The legislature's rules state that a bill must be passed by a committee by March 16th in order to get a vote this session. These rules can be suspended. Indeed, in a subsequent press conference, Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem (R - Rochester) indicated he might support waiving the committee deadline if needed. But an even bigger stumbling block has become apparent - it may not have the votes or support to pass either house in the Minnesota Legislature or the Minneapolis City Council.
Holy Smoke! That's today!

Update: According to Speaker Zellers, the stadium bills lingers in the manner of Generalissimo Francisco Franco. Not dead, yet not quite alive.

Zellers also said, in an act of remarkable clairvoyance, that the bill was inadequate; clairvoyant since he hasn't read it all yet.

The Friday deadline will not, at all events, be met.

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