Friday, March 30, 2012

Sorry, guys; I just hate you!

It's that simple!

MinnPost photo - Terry Gydesen (c) 2012
This photo is from this year's reprise of a meeting last spring between Rep. Keith Downey and constituents, including some Edina High School students. That prompted a letter to the Edina Sun Current, which is excerpted here:
Downey was argumentative and brought up opinions and points of view that reflected ignorance of science and facts. He displayed his personal (religious?) beliefs in a way that conveyed insulting disrespect for our group including four Edina High School students. It was painful for me to witness the behavior of an elected leader causing all the youth in our group to leave in tears.
 In addition to being a supporter of the marriage discrimination amendment, Downey has been foresquare in his efforts to keep GLBT students from being a protected class against school bullying statewide.

He was confronted about that at a legislative hearing before the current session started by some of the same students referred to in the quoted letter and which resulted in a post here called Keith the Liar.

And thanks again to Terry Gydesen for permission to use her photo.

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