Friday, March 16, 2012

Then what the heck was Dave Senjem doing there?

Did they just run into him in the men's room on the way to the presser?

In the Strib article reporting on the presser yesterday by Michael Brodkorb's lawyers, there's this:
Brodkorb is holding out the possibility that he could separately sue Republican Sens. Geoff Michel, David Hann and Chris Gerlach, as well as former Senate chief of staff Cullen Sheehan and Senate committee administrator Aaron Cocking. All were said to have knowledge of Brodkorb's relationship with Koch or were involved in the events surrounding his dismissal.
Many of you recall this photograph from the press conference where Amy Koch was awarded her Scarlet Letter:

MPR photo
Gerlach? Here. Michel? Here. Hann? Here.

Senjem? . . . Senjem? . . . Senjem?

Why was he there? And why is he so conspicuously absent from the lawyers' list of miscreants?

Could it be perhaps because he's the Majority Leader now and might help craft a settlement if Brodkorb doesn't alienate him?

It's a question worth asking, no?

Update: And without agreeing with the sentiment expressed by the "tweeter," it's clear this is something that Senjem doan wanna talk about, no way, no how.

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