Thursday, March 01, 2012

Not even Bradlee Dean

Can pray Ernie Leidiger out of this one

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There is a Hot Dish Politics post this afternoon that after flaunting the speed limit -- doing 74 in a 55 -- ol' Ern, and his campaign treasurer, too, flaunted campaign law by paying the $178 fine out of the campaign treasury. When contacted about the matter, Ern said: What's the problem?
Leidiger told the Star Tribune this week he didn’t see the reimbursement as a problem and that nobody had complained. He said he donates more than $1,000 to his own campaign, so paying the ticket should not be a problem.
The reason that nobody complained, Ern, at least for a month after your campaign report was filed, was because you and your treasurer tried to bury it by calling it a "transportation" expense. A payment to Hennepin County at the address for the Southdale Courthouse?


The DFL has filed a complaint with the Office of Administrative Hearings.

(Bradlee Dean, the tracksuit gay-hate preacher, was invited by Ernie Leidiger to give the opening prayer in the House last session, humiliating everybody from Kurt Zellers on down.)

Update: Be sure to read my follow-up post.

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