Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sorry; gotta go. My ride is here!

Here's Mary Franson today:

Parody of a campaign photo on Franson's website.


That tweet was Exhibit A. Exhibit B is a commentary piece by Franson in this morning's (3/18/12) Strib, calling for more Franson-style courage and political leadership. I will pick out just a few paragraphs.
Recently, I have been the subject of numerous local and national media stories concerning my attempts to reform Minnesota's bloated and dependency-enabling welfare system. 
One video I made had my critics claiming I compared food-stamp recipients to animals. No fair viewing of that video could support such nonsense.
Oh? Then, Mary, why did you take it down and apologize for it? (That is, issue the standard Republican non-apology for it?) Or why did Jon Tevlin feel moved to go over you with a wire brush over the comments in the video?

Franson's Republican colleagues must have rushed over to give her comfort and succcor after being ill treated so badly. Apparently not.
What is needed is the courage to speak up -- even if you are viciously attacked and not one of your colleagues comes to your defense.
Perhaps, Mary, that's because not even your Republican colleagues are as politically tone deaf as you.

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