Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Regrettably, the coyote hazing program

The coyotes do not seem to be "hazed"

The coyotes are not, apparently, being scared out of Edina. The spectre of suburban matrons chasing coyotes with wiener dogs in their teeth is just not getting the job done. According to Twitter, the City of Edina has canceled some coyote hazing training.

This is notwithstanding the fact that the City has even posted a video, with the compelling title Go Away Coyote, on its website.

Word is that the City of Edina will be initiating a new replacement program soon, called the "Coyote Shaming Project." This program will offer a video on how to hurl insults at coyotes, such as:
Lookit the gut on that coyote. 
Hey, coyote, your ears stick out funny. 
Coyote, your mother wears combat boots.
Much better results are expected. Stay tuned.

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