Monday, March 12, 2012

To Google, Google, Google him

Is to know, know, know him

Avidor cartoon
According to Bob Collins, anyway:
People who get into trouble by having Minneapolis preacher Bradlee Dean at their functions usually have something in common: They've never Googled Bradlee Dean.
Almost a year ago, Republicans in the Minnesota House apologized after Dean, who runs a ministry called "You Can Run But You Can't Hide," gave an invocation just prior to debate over a same-sex marriage constitution amendment. 
Last week, his band -- Junkyard Prophet -- performed at Dunkerton High School, near Cedar Rapids in Iowa. The band was supposed to deliver an anti-drug, anti-bullying message. But, according to, it ended up being vintage Dean[.]
But this canker on the butt cheek of humanity was well known to, inter alia, the MNGOP, long before the most recent dust up in Dunkerton, Iowa or even Bradlee's prayer in the Minnesota House that Collins refers to.

One of the great chroniclers of Bradlee Dean -- perhaps the best one extant -- Ken Avidor, sets forth in a comment to Collins' post a list, and although the list is long, it is incomplete, of all the politicians who have stood cheek to cheek (butt or otherwise) with Bradlee Dean or his peeps, prayed breathlessly -- and breathily -- for Dean's "ministry," attended fundraisers for YCH, or groveled before Dean and his sidekick Jakey on the radio for Bradlee's summary boot-kicking out of the House.

Update: And lest we let Bob Collins and the rest of the MSM off the hook for the fact that you have to Google the aforesaid canker on the butt check of humanity to find out anything about him or YCR, remember that our man of the synthetic-cloth (literally) got one MSM mention for stinking up the House last spring, but that's about it. Even though Dean & Co. have been around spilling their special brand of bile for a long time, long enough that an outfit in Atlanta, Georgia recognizes YCR for what it is.

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