Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Mary Franson is lucky

Tom Petters' kind of lucky

And to the creator of this clever poster:
the Park Service is in the Dept. of the Interior
Mary "Small Potatoes" Franson created a flap with her ugly remarks equating poor people with wild animals. It is obvious beyond argument from her attempt at humor about making Minnesota more cruel that Franson is completely, politically tone deaf.

Franson has been complaining about her ill treatment on the blogs and on the editorial pages for her comments, saying she apologized (but not really). And apparently to Mary's surprise, she has fielded some pretty stern rebukes.

The tone of these rebukes has apparently convinced Mary that poor people, including seniors and children, really do deserve to starve. We have to teach those darn seniors and children not to be so dependent on the government!

Will somebody stop @maryfranson before she tweets again?

But as suggested in the title, Franson is lucky. Just as Bernie Madoff made Tom Petters look like a piker, Rush Limbaugh's remarks about the Slut from Georgetown blossomed just in time to take some of the heat off Franson.

Sometimes, it is better to be lucky than to be good.

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