Tuesday, March 13, 2012

She has a curious resume

For somebody who wants the DFL endorsement for Senate in SD49, that is

Cynthia Abrams, candidate for the DFL endorsement in the new SD 49. For whatever other qualities she offers, here's a genuine clunker:

She contributed $650 to Tom Horner for governor in October, 2010.

Okay, people convert from Republicanism, I understand that. I applaud it. But this is the political equivalent of yesterday.

Tom Horner is perhaps the chief flack for hospitals; he's anti-nurses and anti-labor in general. Cynthia works for Fairview. Do the math.

Update: It is ostensible DFLers like Cynthia who damn near got Tom Emmer elected governor. Think about that one for a moment. Moreover, it is not as though Cynthia was just spreading her money around and contributed to everyone, either, you know, just for access. Horner was the only contribution in 2010. The other candidate that Cynthia supported for governor was Tim Penny in his 2002 Independence Party run for governor.

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