Friday, March 09, 2012

It is a tribute to Bradlee's true obscurity

Apparently, it's Bradlee who? in Iowa

It is a tribute to Bradlee Dean (real name: Bradley Dean Smith) and the Junkyard Prophet Band's true obscurity that there are still school administrators -- even next door in Iowa -- who are unaware of the poisonous, pseudo-religious claptrap foisted by these charlatans on innocent and impressionable youth. Here's a description of what happened in Dunkerton, Iowa this week:
An Eastern Iowa superintendent is doing major damage control after an unexpected message in a school assembly. The band Junkyard Prophet and a group known as You Can Run But You Cannot Hide was invited to speak at Dunkerton High School Thursday morning. Administrators thought the group was speaking about provocative lyrics in music and making good choices. But then, the subject matter turned to potentially offensive opinions on homosexuality and abortion.
The Dunkerton superintendent obviously needs some help in "making good choices," too!

My only quarrel with the description is the inclusion of the word "potentially" in front of "offensive opinions." Even Walmart is turning Bradlee's card table evangelists away. When you lose Walmart, you know the game is lost.

And I'll bet that the "invitation" was issued only after the liberal (so to speak) application of soft soap by Jakey's wife, Heather. You have to admire her salesmanship in finding a school administrator who hadn't already been warned away.

In other, and much more important, news about the Bradlee crew this week, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which just helped take a bite out of the Anoka-Hennepin School District over its own poisonous anti-gay policies, named You Can Run But You Cannot Hide as a hate group. This is a blinding statement of the obvious to most people around here, but maybe it will save the Dunkertons of the world some grief in the future.

Ah, the power of Google.

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