Monday, March 19, 2012

Geoff, never send for whom the bell tolls

Blowing his nose in the tissue of lies

The fallout from L'Affaire Brokdorb continues to, um, fall. This afternoon the Senate DFL caucus blew the whistle on the former Deputy and Interim Majority Leader's (from where Michel could no doubt almost taste the top leadership spot as a permanent gig) prevarications about what he knew and when he knew it in the events leading up to the denunciation of Amy Koch and the summary employment execution of Michael Brodkorb.

Here's a press conference with Sens. Sandy Pappas and Tom Bakk in Bakk's office (notice the strategic placement of the Vikings' autographed football) from The Uptake.

You can find a copy of the ethics complaint in a City Pages article here.

City Pages also reports part of Michel's response:
This is about politics and payback and has nothing to do with ethics. The DFL wants a few more headlines. The conflict of interest has been resolved. The workplace environment has improved. And, we did this while protecting whistleblowers and staff.
One thing that Michel did not say -- to his credit, really -- was that the facts alleged in the complaint were untrue. That would be difficult, of course, since they all came out of his own mouth.

As Sens. Pappas and Bakk note, the complaint requires no witnesses, unless Michel decides to dispute the accounts of a phalanx of reporters.

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